Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rachel's plane ride

Rachel flew home from Missouri with us after Kayla's graduation.  
No one was sitting in front of us between Missouri and Denver so Rachel took over the window seat.
 At Denver we were totally bored so we made ourselves a bed.  

 Made sure we were in Denver
 Rode the escalators  numerous times

 And swiped the window seat away from Grandpa :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Church and Temples

The Kona Temple was only a couple of blocks away from our motel.  When we arrived their was a Tongan Ward from Maui that was attending for three straight days.  The temple had added more sessions to accommodate.  I was hoping that we would here the session in Tongan but too many other white couples showed up. Darn :).  It was such a fun experience.  John served in the Tongan ward when he was on his mission.

 This is the chapel building that John attended when he was serving in the Waimea Ward on the Big Island.  This is the oldest LDS chapel on the Big Island.  Doors are always open.  We had one of the best Sacrament meetings that I have been to in a long time.  So humble and sincere.

 This is the little apartment that John lived in.
 On Oahu we spent time looking for a few apartments where John stayed in
 Gee- we found one :)
 Laie Temple is always fun to attend but had changed greatly in 35 years.

Diamond Head

We hiked to the top of Diamond Head at the hottest point of the day.  Crazy.  It was an interesting experience.  The view from the top was awesome.  Crystal and I even saw whales playing around right before we hit the top.

 Crystal lost her hair tie so had to improvise with her watch

 Looking at Honolulu

Mighty MO

We got to tour the inside of the Mighty Mo (USS Missouri).  This was a highlight for Harold.  Got to learn a lot about this great battleship.

 Knots for the scouters
 This is called Broadway since you can see from one end to the other end of the ship
 John and Pam are showing that they are balanced :)

 John  is out of control

Monday, February 20, 2017


Our holidays got thrown off since Cody was in the hospital.  We didn't get pictures of Christmas.
Kids love coloring Easter eggs.  I think Cody and Hanna had more color on their hands than on the eggs.  We then spent several afternoons hiding and hunting Easter eggs.  We had 72 eggs to hide and hunt.  I think we only lost one :)  We then did a surprise birthday party for Carrie since she never gets a birthday for just herself.  We did our reverse Halloween also.  We made three different types of cookies and we walked around the neighborhood surprising the people.  Cody was our token bat for the evening.  We also did Crystal and Hanna's birthdays early.  Kids love the extra cake and ice cream.

 Cody could be a good ballerina

 Crystal and Hanna's cakes
 Birthday girl
 Another birthday girl that ws totally surprised :)
 Our Cody bat

Physical Fitness

Carrie is over the Personal Fitness merit badge, so she is having the whole family participate.  We jogged around her block twice which equals a mile.  We did sit ups, ran stairs,  and a few other things.

 Then we did push ups.  Hanna and Cody did wall push ups
 Kaylynn helping Cody
 Kaylynn did push ups off the stairs while the rest of us did regular push ups
Carrie is a slave driver.  We were exhausted :)

Arizona trip 2 Sonora Desert Museum

We took the kids down to the Sonora Deseret Museum by Tucson.  we all had a great time.  We spent all afternoon wandering around and looking at all the different exhibits.  This is a great place for the scouts to come to pass off requirements for several merit badges.
Everyone had to try on the turtle shell.  Cody loved sitting on Justin.

Hanna and Kaylnn taking a break on a turtle
Time for lunch
Raptor show.  They flew right beside your head.  Kind of freaky.
Can you locate  the mountain lion
This mountain lion was so interesting to watch.